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Willow Vale Property Management

Welcome to Willow Vale Property Management Property Management 

Willow Vale Property Management offers property management, leasing, and real estate sales in Willow Vale.

Our experienced property professionals are ready to help you buy, sell, rent or manage your property.

Whether you are interested in buying, selling, leasing or property management our agency has a wide range of houses and apartments for lease. We specialise in all areas of Willow Vale PropertyManagement. Please contact us for an honest, fresh and energetic approach to real estate.

Willow Vale Property Management, Property Management Willow Vale


  • We offer the best service when it comes to property management in Willow Vale. Proven customer satisfaction and a rapidly growing portfolio is a reflection of our dedication to our clients.
  • We operate with integrity and honesty. We are committed to reliable service, ensuring you are not left out of the loop with any matters concerning your property. Our unique online portal allows complete access to invoices, documents and reports.
  • We are so confident in our dedication to service that we will back it up with our Service Guarantee: If at any time, we do not deliver to you the Standard of Service we promise, we will manage your property for the next 3 months for FREE.

Willow Vale Property Management

Willow Vale Property Management, Property Management Willow Vale


Selecting a Willow Vale Property Manager – How to avoid the worst and select the best

Finding competent property managers is important for building a portfolio and maximising cash flow. Here are some key considerations for finding a good property manager.

Willow Vale Property Management, Property Management Willow Vale

1. Landlord loyalty

When selecting a property manager, you are employing someone to look after a significant investment for you. To do that successfully they must have your best interest at heart. Always engage people who are working on your team –not for the tenant or other parties.

2. Proven track record

Seek out recommendations for property managers in the marketplace and do your homework to determine how they do their job before committing. Ensure any possible candidates are in the marketplace doing good things, renting out properly and achieving the best results for their clients.

3. Follow good people

A good property manager is like gold. If you find someone who you feel works well for you, don’t let them go, even if they change firms. Keep your business with proven talent as incompetence can cost you your financial independence.

4. Good communication

Your property manager must be a pro-active communicator, keeping you informed of relevant information. They should always keep you in the loop about your property from market changes and rent potential to tenant issues and vacancies.

5. Selection processes

It’s important to determine how tenants for your properties will be selected and managed – what processes does the property manager have in place? Ask questions about;

  • how the property will be advertised
  • how tenants are selected
  • what type of tenants they are finding
  • what reference and background checks are conducted to ensure tenant potential.

All of these aspects contribute to determining the best tenant and rental situation for your property.

6. Proactive Actions

A good property manager will always be on top of market changes, conducting regular rent reviews to ensure maximum returns for their client.

7. Expert knowledge

It’s essential to find a property manager who knows their industry and is competent with complex issues. Do they know how to represent you in court should the need arise? Are they aware of relevant insurances and avenues that may be taken to resolve complex issues?

8. Build your A-Team

Always ask the questions to ensure you have the best team on your side. Ask property managers their thoughts and go with those that you believe to suit your situation to maximise potential.

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