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How to Choose the Best Property Management Company – 4 Questions You Need to Ask Today

It is not always easy to lease a property. If you are having trouble leasing your property, here are some tips to lease a property that is hard to move.

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Professional photos

Professional photos significantly increase the number of prospective tenants who will view and/or inspect a property. When scrolling through online property listings, the majority of photos are taken by someone who is not a photographer and they often are substandard. Most owners and tenants will scroll until they see something they like, and if they aren’t impressed by the initial photo they keep scrolling.


Get a virtual inspection

This is probably one of the best tools that have come about in property management recently. A virtual inspection allows prospective tenants to walk through and view a property without having to physically inspect it. Prospective tenants appreciate the convenience of being able to do a walk-through from the comfort of their own living room.


Highlight the property listing on REA

If you want your property to stand out on REA, the best thing you can do is make sure your listing is highlighted. It has been proven that highlighted properties are looked at before a regular listing. Their size alone makes them stand out. It is important however that the initial photo is appealing, otherwise, potential tenants won’t be attracted to the listing.


Check that the price is in line with the market

While we need to have comparable properties that have rented in the last six months to the property you’re leasing, it is possible that the market has changed since this time. It is always worth looking at what else is currently on the market and try and align the price with similar properties that are currently advertised. If your property is priced significantly higher than other comparable properties at the time, it will most likely sit there vacant. Tenants want to know they are not paying too much.

If you have recently bought an investment property and need the services of a rental property manager, contact our team to have a chat about how we can assist you.

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