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Caboolture West could be Australia’s next major regional centre

Warning That Gold Coast Could Soon Be “Land-Locked”

CABOOLTURE West has the potential to become the next Parramatta or Dandenong, according to one of the country’s top demographers.

Professional services firm KPMG demographer Bernard Salt has called for the region to become a jobs hub to strengthen the area and prevent traffic carnage from commuters trying to muscle their way into Brisbane’s CBD.

Mr Salt was in favour of the Caboolture West plan, which he said would be “a next-generation North Lakes” and kept the “Australian dream” alive.

And he used Parramatta in Sydney’s West and Dandenong on the edge of Melbourne as case studies for success. “I am hoping over the next 20 years, jobs will be decentralised outside of Brisbane,” he said.

“It won’t be the community of west Caboolture coming into the city.

“With the new university centre at Petrie, or Chermside, we can see stronger regional centres.

“The same way that Parramatta and Dandenong have strong regional job centres, rather than the model that has evolved of living on the edge of the Bruce Highway and fighting our way into the city.”

Leading Australian demographer and social commentator Bernard Salt. Picture: RICHARD JUPE.

Mr Salt said growing digital industries could also ease gridlock, with more people able to work from home.

He has called for that way of thinking to be included into the masterplan for Caboolture West.

Mr Salt said the previous success of regions such as North Lakes and Caloundra West on the Sunshine Coast provided a template for Caboolture West to be even better. “It provides local jobs, it brings aspirational people to the area and young families,” he said.

The plan for the development of Caboolture West includes 70,000 new residents for the region and a raft of new infrastructure. Pic: Chris Higgins

A council spokesman said there were provisions in the plan for 17,000 fulltime jobs in the region, and provisions for a major district town centre, six local centres and 13 neighbourhood hubs.

“The plan also outlines six potential local centres within Caboolture West that will become key focal points and dedicated public transport hubs. It is expected the local centres will include offices, supermarkets, speciality stores, health, childcare and support services.”

Original article published at by Josh Alston, Caboolture Shire Herald 30/9/16

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Aria Lodges Plans for ‘Urban Forest’ Tower

Aria Lodges Plans for ‘Urban Forest’ Tower (1)

Aria Property Group has lodged plans to build a 30-storey tower with 1,003 trees called “The Urban Forest” at South Bank, Brisbane.

The plans feature 382 apartments, two levels of common rooftop space, an array of greenery as well as a 1,350sq m public park at the base of the building and ground floor retail.

The design for 88 Merivale Street, South Brisbane by Koichi Takada Architects is marketed as the “greenest residential building in the world”.

The Brisbane-based developer has had the South Bank block under contract since 2019.

Three sites were included in the development application at corner block opposite the Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre and Brisbane State High School.

The site was listed for more than $20 million, according to industry sources.

Aria Lodges Plans for ‘Urban Forest’ Tower (3)

Aria development manager Michael Hurley said despite the tough conditions for apartments in Brisbane they had to focus on the things they could change, which seemed to be working.

“The market’s the market, we can’t control that but we can control what we do,” Hurley said.

“You’ve got to learn and there’s lots of takeaways from what we’ve all been through in the last three or four months.

“There’s a lot of lessons and a lot of good feedback and we’re making sure that we’re consistently evolving our offering and listening to our owners and tenants as to what they want.

“So far we’ve been fortunate we’ve had a good following and our peers have said what we’re doing seems to be working.”

Hurley said they wanted this new building to set the benchmark for green urban centres.

“In time we want Brisbane to be mentioned in the same breath as Singapore as a global leader in green buildings and sustainability,” Hurley said.

Aria Lodges Plans for ‘Urban Forest’ Tower (2)

Architect Koichi Takada said their practice was promoting cities to inspire the next generation to help create mass greening for a sustainable and greener future.

“The Urban Forest is a vertical park which features five times the trees found in nearby Musgrave Park and a Green Plot Ratio [at] 292 per cent [of] the site area in gardens; equivalent to taking over 150 cars off the road each year,” Takada said.

“It is important to bring such a building to Brisbane at this time, as unlike more populated cities, Brisbane still offers abundant opportunity to define and shift the city to a more natural and humanised approach.

“The result is the greenest residential building with generous backyards in the sky and offers a healthier way to live.”

The Urban Forest residential tower planting included a variety of tree species which would flower in different seasons.

The ground level Glenelg Street park plans also featured a number of trees along with a stage, outdoor classrooms, amphitheatre and event space.




This article is republished from under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.

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Planning decision protects jobs at Narangba Innovation Precinct

Planning decision protects jobs at Narangba Innovation Precinct

Treasurer and Minister for Infrastructure and Planning Cameron Dick has signed off a Temporary Local Planning Instrument (TLPI) for Narangba Innovation Precinct (East) to drive economic recovery through business growth and greater job creation.

The precinct is a major contributor to the Moreton Bay economy and is one of very few industrial areas in the region that caters for large-scale, hard-to-locate industries like waste handling, recycling and agricultural manufacturing.

Mr Dick said the TLPI would not increase the footprint of the precinct but will instead allow businesses to build new office or storage space on existing land within the precinct to expand their operations.

“These are sensible amendments to ensure local businesses can grow and thrive, which will help in our state’s battle against the worst global economic crisis since the Great Depression,” Mr Dick said.

“We need to keep our economy’s engine humming, and to do that we need to keep Queensland working.

“Our government’s COVID recovery strategy, Unite and Recover for Queensland Jobs, recognises the importance of supporting businesses and industry during this tough time.

“And as we deliver this strategy we want to make it easier for operators to employ more Queenslanders in industrial hubs like the Narangba Innovation Precinct.

“Potential impacts on nearby residential areas will also be managed for any new development, providing appropriate safeguards for local residents such as land buffers,” he said.

“The TLPI is an interim step that will provide certainty to businesses while Moreton Bay Regional Council amend their planning scheme in consultation with the community.”

Member for Bancroft Chris Whiting said protecting jobs in the Moreton Bay region has never been more important.

“These local businesses create a huge amount of local jobs, and I want to thank council for helping us protect these local jobs and create new jobs,” Mr Whiting said.

“Queensland has led the world in managing the impacts of COVID-19, and changes like this put our communities in a much stronger position.”

Sixth-generation family-owned manufacturers Packer Leather are just one of the businesses in the precinct who will now be able to act on plans for expansion.

“We’ve been proudly operating for over a century now and want to ensure our manufacturing can continue at the highest standard,” owner Lindsay Packer said.

“The first stage of upgrading our operations includes development of a leatherwork hub and makerspace, which will support extensive TAFE Queensland training.”

Mr Dick said maximising industrial land will remain a priority as the government implements its Unite and Recover economic plan.

“We will continue to work with industry, councils and communities to unlock new opportunities for Queensland businesses,” Mr Dick said.

“We’ve made strong investments in industrial precincts and State and Priority Development Areas around Queensland, and we’ll keep leveraging this to generate long-term benefits for local economies during this challenging time.”

The TLPI will be in place for up to two years as council make necessary changes to their planning scheme.

You can view the TLPI on the Queensland Government’s Planning System website via the tab ‘Planning for emergent issues – TLPIs’.





This article is republished from under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.

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Habitat Development Group Kicks Off Market Lane Project

Habitat Development Group Kicks Off Market Lane Project (1)

Brisbane-based Habitat Development Group will start construction on the $83 million Market Lane Residences in late-July, creating the first residential towers in the new Maroochydore CBD.

Located at the Mundoo Boulevard entrance, Market Lane Residences comprises 146 spacious two- and three-bedroom apartments elevated across 14 levels over two towers. Six SOHO (small-office-home-office) townhouses along with retail will make up the ground floor.

Habitat Development Group director Cleighton Clark said he was pleased to lock in a date to commence construction after the original project timeline was delayed due to Covid-19 restrictions.

“Despite the disruption caused by Covid-19, we’re looking at our investment in the future city centre as a long-term commitment and we’re very excited to be commencing the first residential buildings in the precinct at the end of next month.

“We think council and SunCentral have done a terrific job with their vision for the Maroochydore City Centre, it’s an exciting, world class precinct.

“The Sunshine Coast is one of the fastest growing regions in the country and we see an exciting period of growth, in particular the new CBD over the next 5-10 years.

“For that reason, we’ve established a new Sunshine Coast office on Plaza Parade opposite our Market Lane project.

“Since we commenced 15 years ago, we’ve always based our strategy with the best long-term results in mind, and the Maroochydore City Centre is a precinct we think has tremendous potential,” Clark said.

Clark said his enthusiasm for the vision of the new Maroochydore City Centre was reinforced by their recent acquisition within the greenfield CBD project.

Habitat Development Group Kicks Off Market Lane Project (2)

“I’m also delighted to announce that Habitat Development Group has secured a second site in the precinct which is located on Sunshine Coast Parade and will be known as ‘The Corso Residences’.

“We are excited to have secured a pipeline of local projects to keep our team and our subcontractors employed and continue our contribution to the local economy over the next few years,” he said.

Sunshine Coast mayor Mark Jamieson said he was looking forward to seeing the Habitat team break ground.

“I commend Habitat Development Group for their foresight and enthusiasm in embracing our vision for the new Maroochydore City Centre. This project will provide a new accommodation option for some of the thousands of people who will ultimately work in the area,” Jamieson said.

“Having people live close to where they work in our new city centre adds to the vibrancy and activation of the city core, which is an important and attractive feature of some of the leading cities across the globe.

“From an economic point of view, the commencement of the Market Lane project next month comes at an important time as the region starts to make its way through the recovery phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, by creating new employment opportunities for local tradespeople and suppliers.”

SunCentral chief executive officer John Knaggs said it was important to have construction start on site as the first commercial building within the CBD, Foundation Place, would be due for completion in late-September this year.

“We are also thrilled with Cleighton’s commitment and confidence in the Sunshine Coast and the city centre project by securing a second site for Habitat Development Group.

“It’s a significant shot in the arm for the project, particularly as we emerge from the impact of Covid-19 and it also reinforces our urban design and planning principles to create a vibrant city centre,” Knaggs said.

Sunshine Coast Council’s nine storey City Hall project which will accommodate up to 600 staff members is currently scheduled to commence on site in August this year and Pro-invest’s Holiday Inn Express is expected to commence later in the year.




This article is republished from under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.

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